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Pink "Strawberry" Embroidered Sweatshirt

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Created with premium materials, these embroidered crewnecks and hoodies are sure to become your new favourite sweatshirts!

They are embroidered with matte thread for a unique, rustic look and cottagecore vibes.

We use high quality Independent Trading Co. sweatshirts that are pigment dyed, allowing for gorgeous colours that aren't commonly available from other brands. It also creates a worn, faded look around the seams, which gets accentuated once the garment is washed. 


Sizing is unisex fit, and fabric is midweight.

Please refer to the sizing guide before purchasing, since all sales are final. Returns or exchanges will not be accepted.

Sizes 4XL & 5XL can be found here.


The sweatshirt is 80% cotton, 20% polyester. The embroidery thread is 100% polyester.

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Some Variants are Discontinued:

As this product gets older, we have to retire some variants. Only pink crewnecks are being restocked at this time. The "chest only" variant is also discontinued, so all new inventory has the sleeves embroidered. New colours are a possibility for the future.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash with cold water. Turn garment inside out to protect the embroidery. Avoid washing with items that could snag the embroidery (ex: clothing with hooks).

Flat or hang drying is strongly advised. Machine drying is not recommended for embroidered goods since the heat can warp the design. Once removed from the washing machine, lay flat then press and smooth the fabric so it dries flatter. Do not iron.